Wednesday, May 17, 2006

chase lemons, anyone?

who would have thought that apart from making lemon tea, lemon pies and lemon juice, lemons can also be rolled across the floor with chopsticks for a telematch game?!

on your left, george demonstrates how one can efficiently use a pair of chopsticks to move 2 lemons from one end of the room to the other.

unfortunately, unlike good ol' george, most of us ended up chasing the lemons as opposed to moving them across the room!

this was only one of the interesting games we played during our Young Adult Hanging Out time in May. apart from using lemons, other interesting items put to good use included....

well, actually, the pails were really meant for...

so as you can see, we had quite a good time chasing lemons, hugging pails and catching balls in pails while standing on chairs.

lastly, just to show you how much some people enjoyed themselves so much that they invited attention they didn't even know about...

tee hee!


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