Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Anchoring Deep through Kingdom Discipleship

As part of the Young Adult’s Ministry "Anchoring Deep" program, about 30 of us young adults gathered to hear from Mr David Lee share on "Kingdom’s Discipleship".

David, together with his family, began the session by leading us with a time of worship. As we sang praises to the Lord, we were reminded that worship is a vital part to a disciple of Jesus Christ. David’s insightful sharing and interesting stories were timely and refreshing reminders to us. We were truly blessed by David’s time with us. We ended the session with a time of sharing and praying, and of course, refreshments :)

An outline of "Kingdom Discipleship"
Luke 14: 25-27; 33

Discipleship is intentional.
It also means we must be a follower.
It is what you do to take on the character of Christ. It's also an 'inside' job, not just what we appear outwardly.

Who is God in your life?
Your view of God is very important, and it is the Bible that tells us what is the right view of God.

Requirements to be a disciple
1. Love God above everything else-including self (v26)
2. Die to ourselves; give up our old life to death (v27)
3. Give up everything you have for God

The blessing of God doesn't mean you are well spiritually. It doesn't say anything about you. It's about God who is generous, gracious.

We need to remember that God does not give suggestions but instructions.


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