Thursday, March 02, 2006

On 19th February afternoon, we had our first 2006 Young Adults' Ministry Hanging Out event organized by Tzun's CG. It was a cozy gathering of about 40 young adults aged 21 to 35 years young. We were thrilled to have 9 newcomers, from church and friends of members.

A great way to kick off the event was to fill the stomachs with yummy food and orange fizzy drinks. A sumptuous meal it was-even the vegetables were nice, according to non-vege lovers! And as a reward for newcomers, their meals were on us.

With the meal over, we got down to knowing our group members better. We were asked to tear off as many or as little toilet paper sheets as we wanted. It was a real surprise when we found out the number of sheets we tore would be the number of things about ourselves we had to share! We got to know the greedy ones much better! :)

Have a great laugh over the second indoor game as aspiring artists had to replicate a picture (blindfolded!) with the help of their team mates! The bonus round was to incorporate the YA Ministry friendly but hard to draw anchor logo in their masterpieces.

Here's Zhiyong posing proudly with his work of art!

A group of smiley people!

Finally. The highlight of the event. Floor ball! We had the privilege of inviting Zhiyong's friend, Hwi Kiat, to teach us how to play this new sport. Hwi Kiat is actually Samuel Lim's classmate in NIE, currently training to be a PE teacher. Everyone enjoyed the sport although most were new to the game. According to Spencer, he was reminded of the "obscurely located muscles which (he) had not noticed in a while"!

To top all the fun and interactive time we had, everyone got to bring home a cute handphone holder.

Pleased owner of a new handphone holder